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… want our advise in setting up and running a venture: turning an idea into a prototype, a prototype into a product, a product into a business, and a business into profits. It’s all about idea and execution: More focus, better products, nicer content, easier sales

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in-person or online – we apply our proven tools and expertise covering all aspects of describing and validating an idea and its proper execution . In all our projects, we adjust our work to the lifecycle stage of your venture.

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Our team combines startup, blue chip and consulting experience with several exits in the mobile, payment, cloud, cyber security and software space.

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How can I increase my chance for financing?

With only a few inputs, create, validate and share your SaaS Business Case with your board and investors

Where to find benchmarks for your SaaS 
and Software Business?

Lean-Marks aggregates benchmark publications

Do you need to Move To SaaS, but have no clear vision?

MoveToSaaS provides a Business Simulation Framework covering Benchmarking, Business Modelling, Scenario Planning and Analytics

10 Key Steps to Venture Success

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Startups and business alike which are pursuing recurring revenue models want to build business models that they can sell to their investors or board and that fly when going-to-market. Early on, they have to understand the economics balancing price and complexity and find the right go to market model. Contact us to learn more how we can support you in taking your service to market.